Will Edwards

Drummer | Producer | Composer

Listen to OctoPosse! - the jazz ensemble dedicated to playing music for eight people. 

OctoPosse gets its name from the combination of two ideas. The first is of course an octopus - that colourful animal with eight limbs. The malleable nature of an octopus fittingly represents the makeup of our ensemble whose instrumental lineup changes depending on the demands of the varied and colourful music. The second is that this is a social group (aka, posse) that shares a common occupation hence the word.

This octet was formed in winter 2015 out of postgraduate students at the Royal Academy of Music. It was setup to give its members an opportunity to write for a larger ensemble and to workshop their new music. The ensemble was also as a compositional outlet for techniques learnt in classes taught by Pete Churchill. OctoPosse does not associate with a particular sound world. It enjoys the freedom to play whatever its members bring to rehearsal because only then is it possible to expand its influences and develop as a band.