Will Edwards

Drummer | Producer | Composer

Dear Brother

Indie folk-rock band. Eagerly awaiting the release of our first EP in Autumn 2017. Listen on Spotify or visit dearbrother.co.uk



OOMF! is the new project led by drummer and composer Will Edwards. Although firmly rooted in contemporary jazz, this music combines glitchy modular synth patches with fiery grooves inspired by the likes of Avishai Cohen Trio, Dorian Concept, Mike Walker, and Zohar Fresco. Will's compositions strike a balance between strong melodies, groove and complex time structures. 

Featuring Asterope’s leader fiery tenor saxophonist and rising star Tom Barford, award winning composer and guitarist extraordinaire Billy Marrows, fretboard dancing bass player and electronics wizard Matt Gedrych of Pillow and Kase, and drummer Will Edwards, who has more energy than you can shake a stick at.

OOMF! takes its name from the onomatopoeic expression ‘to give something energy’, but is also an urban dictionary anagram for ‘one of my friends’. During his masters in jazz at the Royal Academy of Music, Will has forged friendships with young talent on the London jazz scene. It is this celebration of shared interests that drives the creativity within the music.

Demo recordings here:


Sky Coloured

Symphonic post-rock led by composer Theo Jackson. See more here